Andreas Muxel and Martin Hesselmeier

Andreas Muxel is a artisrts and programmer who currently resides in Cologne, Germany. His works focus on a combination of digital information and physical objects.

Martin Hesselmeier pushes the limits of human perception with his works and installations.

The Modules

Each of their works includes luminous wires linked together with sensors and a microchip.  Since the modules can be placed together in a variety of ways, it straightforward to present the installations in various ways, such as within city structures, public parks, etc.

The sensors are used to detect vibrations and sounds, and based on the intensity of the sounds, it controls the flashing of the light wires.  This works to create an ever changing structure of light, which changes as the outside world changes.  The dynamic nature of the installation combined with traffic sounds and other public activity gives it a “living and breathing” feel, and really bakes the installation into the surrounding area.