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Senseless Drawing Bot is a installation and collabration by So Kanno and Takahiro Yamaguchi, with metal work by Hitto Asai.

“This work takes advantage of the chaotic motion of the double pendulum, drawing an abstract and dynamically line in real time using a spray. It is a self-generated drawing machine. Consisting in a double pendulum, a motorized skateboard modified to determine the orientation of the pendulum by the rotary encoder attached to the fulcrum of the pendulum. Its operation is simple. In this work, has been recognized worldwide as an expression of modern “graffiti” in the act of graffiti called to eliminate the claims and the human body, by extracting the dynamism dwells in the rendering process to mimic the act. And improvisational, may sign, by presenting only the aspect of elements such as vandalism, explores the nature of this act where it is integrated, tries to connect to a new interpretation.” – So Kanno.

You can read more about the Senseless Drawing Bot and the process of creating it here.

You can watch and listen to the artists discuss their work in this video:

About So Kanno

So Kanno is a Japanese artist born in 1984, currently living in Berlin.   He focuses largely on robotics for artistic purposes and has won numerous awards include multiple awards from the Japan Media Arts Festival.  He is a graduate of Musashino Art University and Institute of Advanced Media Art and Science.  He taught as a lecturer at Tokyo Zokei University and Tokyo Polytechnic University.  He most recently completed an artist residency at ST ARTS.

About Takahiro Yamaguchi

Takahiro Yamaguchi is a Japanese artist born in 1984, whose works and inspired by and focus mainly on graffiti and street art.  He graduated from Tama Art University with major in Media Art.  His work leverages installations, devices and Internet art.  His most recent artist residency was for Yang02 in 2013.



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