Are Replacement or Generic Ink Cartridges Safe to Use?

Generic ink cartridges are also known as replacement ink. These are cartridges that are compatible with a particular printing machine, but they are not manufactured by the printer’s manufacturer. These cartridges are efficient, cheaper, with excellent performance.

The big question many people will ask; why should I buy generic and not from the manufacturer’s? Here is a quick answer, this ink cartridge is cost-effective and performs just the same as the original ones. Let me turn the question on you, why not save some cash?

In this article, we have put together all you need to know about generic ink cartridges. Keep reading to find out whether it is safe to use among other things.

So, Are Generic Ink Cartridges Safe to Use?

It is only natural to find yourself gravitating towards generic ink cartridges instead of sticking to the original manufacturer. This is because sourcing your ink cartridges from the manufacturer of your printer is way more costly. On the other hand, you can easily get the generic ink at half the price!

This is where the million-dollar question rears its ugly head. Is it better to stick with the brand and stay away from the cheap generic ink cartridges? Well, it depends. It depends because to start with, expensive is relative.

Using generic ink cartridges is totally safe but it comes with its caveats. In as much as they might not offer the full quality the manufacturer’s ink cartridges would have, there must be a good reason why the manufacturers endorse them. They are safe for your printing machine!

Benefits of Using Replacement/ Generic Ink Cartridges

Perhaps going through the benefits that these ink cartridges have to offer will help dispel your fears. Here are some of the benefits you should know before you invest so that you can feel safe using them.


We have already mentioned that generic ink cartridges are cheaper. But how cheap are they? These ink cartridges come at half the price of the original ones from the manufacturers. Regardless of the kind of machine you are using, you will always find its generic option. However, you need to always be double sure because there is a thin line between counterfeits and generic.

Produce Good Quality Prints

Over the years, generic ink cartridges have gone through refinement and stabilization and we can now say, their quality is up there. You can tell this by the quality of prints they produce. But if your fear is in degeneration over the years, you can rest assured that is not the case. They are almost as good as the original ones but if you are still not convinced, always have a word with the manufacturer on the same.

Reputable Suppliers

There is always the fear of counterfeits. You must never overrule this fear if you have to get exactly what you are paying for. Identify a reputable supplier and always get your printer’s supplies from them. If you are not sure how to pinpoint one, always speak to the manufacturers because since they are not a competition, they will gladly point two or three to choose from.

Disadvantages of Replacement/Generic Ink Cartridges

There is almost nothing on this planet earth with its downside. There is always the other side to every coin. Aside from that, we cannot afford not to mention. Here are some of the disadvantages that come with generic ink cartridges.


There are the original, generic, and counterfeits. Since most generic ink cartridges are not approved by the manufacturers, they can be easily written off as counterfeits. Besides that, there is no telling what is genuine and what is fake these days. You have to do your due diligence to find a reliable supplier.

Might Damage Your Printer

There is almost no case of generic ink cartridges damaging a printer. Unless of course you stumbled on the merciless counterfeits and it did a number on your device. This is because most of them are not even made with a specific printer model in mind.

Void the Warranty

This applies to a few cases. If you work with counterfeits masked as generic ink cartridges, it might void the warranty of your machine. To avoid such issues, always ensure that you get genuine generic ink cartridges compatible with your printing machine.

Made from Refurbished Cartridges

Some generic ink cartridge manufacturers resort to using refurbished cartridges. This might come off as substandard and most people would rather go for the quality. As it is, cheap is expensive. But this is not to say that all generic ink manufacturers refurbish. Far from it. There are trusted manufacturers/ suppliers you can stick with to be on the safe side.

The Question of Cost VS Quality

A wise man once said; cheap is expensive. We all couldn’t agree less. But this raises the big question of cost versus quality. Since you pay far less for your generic ink cartridges, does it mean that there is a negative catch to it?

In a normal scenario, you can save as much as 50% from the generic ink cartridges. For some brands, it can even go up to 70%. That is quite alarming, and it is hard to question the quality of the ink.

Of course, there is a glaring gap in quality that must be addressed. As hard as they have tried, they can never match the original from the manufacturer. Especially when you are working on high-quality color prints. If you are sourcing your ink for official purposes, perhaps you should overlook the cost and pick on quality.

Final Thoughts

Quality and performance are the key factors for everything. Especially with electronics. Before you throw all your weight on the generic ink cartridges, run some intense tests, just to be sure of what you are getting yourself into. Even if they come highly recommended by the manufacturer. In the long run, you might come to the sound decision that just a few more dollars don’t hurt that much. Or you might not!