15 Art Grants for Experienced and Aspiring Artists

Being an independent artist is not an easy thing, especially when you are starting out. Just like many other freelance careers, it takes time, patience and hard work to be noticed as an artist. But even as you do all this, how are you able to sustain yourself and fund your art projects?

Most art grants are given to sustain artists as they work their way from the bottom and up the ladder. However, these grants are extremely competitive, and they are mostly awarded based on need. Some grants are reserved for established artists, while others are awarded as a prize from an art competition.

Securing a grant for your art projects is not just a walk in the park. The cash awarded, stipulations and the application process is a whole journey altogether. To learn more about art grants, here is a mix of grants that might arouse your interest as an artist.

1. LEAP Award

This is one of the best grants for emerging artists. It provides $1000 to one contemporary artist. Besides that, the six top finalists will get the benefit of free promotion by the Society of the Contemporary Craft. There are also special features put in place for the other winning finalists. Some of the art this grant covers include but are not limited to Ceramic, wood, jewelry, fiber among others.

2. IPF Fellowship

This is one of the most attractive fellowships for photographers. This fellowship was founded by Aaron Siskind to help individual photographers to achieve their projected dreams. The fellowship awards up to $10,000 to the lucky photographer. However, the amount might vary among the eligible applicants.

3. Awesome Foundation Grant

The big idea of this is to make the community more awesome. It was founded by a micro-granting organization, for the most eligible artists. You can apply for grants as an individual, group, or even as an organization. Each project is eligible for up to $1000 which is rolled out every month. However, for the initiatives that tackle community issues, the rules are bent a little for them. They get their grants weekly to enable them to cultivate and spread joy.

4. Clark Hulings Fund Business Accelerator Program

More than 20 artists are set to benefit from this program. This unique program was founded in honor of Clark Hulings. The big idea of it is to help artists smoothly run their business and solve any arising problems. It also enables the artists to access business tools, PR, networking among other needs. Some of the artists supported by this program include Painters, traditional sculptors, and paper artists. The program does not cover film, photography, and video.

5. Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant

This program offers a significant amount of grants to help creative artists achieve their goals. The program was founded by Lee Krisner way back in 1985. Since then, the foundation has awarded over 65 million dollars to deserving artists. The foundation prides itself with alumni with sterling exhibitions.

6.    Artslink Project Grant

This fellowship was established specially for visual and media artists, but it also extends to both performing and literary artists. This project is ideally meant to promote international citizen diplomacy to build international relationships through cultures. The project has been around for many years and it has seen the establishment and success of many artists under its wings.

7.    Fulbright Fellowship

This initiative is meant for creative and performing artists. It offers well-established and recognized grants with over 8,000 grants awarded annually. If you love international adventures and you are an artist, this project will grant you the golden opportunity. It finances to conduct research, study, and be an ambassador in a foreign country. Securing the grant, however, is not a walk in the park. You have to go through a rigorous process to be considered eligible.

8.    A Blade of Grass Fellowship

If you are an innovative conduit for social change, this is it for you. This program is set to provide resources for creative artists whose work highlights social problems. There is much more. This organization also funds a two days orientation for the awarded artists to New York City to fellowship with other artists. It awards up to $20,000 to a talented artist who must be 25 years or above.

9.    Anything Art Grant

This special program was founded by Specto Art Space to fund well-deserving talented artists to achieve their goals. This project is non-restricted, and it covers all the expenses for specific projects. Since the program is funded by an art gallery, the grantees are given an opportunity in gallery shows and promos.

10. Burning Man Global Art Grants

This initiative was established for interactive and community-based arts. The arts should be accessible to the public and allow them to relate on different levels. Depending on various things, the award can range between $500 to $1000. However, most artists receive between $3000 to $6000 to fund their creative projects.

11. Creative Capital Grants

This art grant is open to various artists and does not have specifications. The funds can go as far as $50,000 for art development projects. However, there is a catch to this mouth-watering project. The project should last between three to five years. This means that it accommodates small and large art projects.

12. FCA Grants

This initiative funds art projects across five fields. Visual, performance, music, poetry, and dance. The foundation can award up to $40,000 annually depending on the eligibility of an artist. The funds are awarded strictly based on merit past the creativity of an artist. The amount awarded will also depend on the effectiveness of the art piece. The most interesting part is that this grant is meant to sustain the artist and not to fund a project.

13. The Gottlieb Foundation

This foundation mainly focuses on individual support grants. The grant is mainly open to mature artists and can award up to $25,000. The foundation also awards only 12 serious and committed artists per year.

14. John Simon Gruggenheim

This memorial foundation has no restrictions and it is open for every art discipline. However, you must show exceptional creativity to be awarded the funds to help you as you pursue your project. This foundation extends its grants to scientists and scholars. The grantees are awarded up to $3000 each per year.

15. Radcliffe Fellowship Program

This fellowship awards a stipend grant of between $70,000-5,000. The benefits involve staying in Havard for a year for the lucky applicants from any discipline. If you work on art concerning women and gender, you have a better chance of bagging this luxury grant.