7 Free Portfolio Websites for Artists and Designers

Every artist and designer needs an organized portfolio for display. In this age where competition is getting stiffer by the minute, you need to have your well-organized portfolio in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

So, what does this mean for you as an artist or a designer?

You must be well-positioned in places where potential clients can easily locate you. The internet! Hard paper portfolios have lost their relevance. You need to move with the drastic change. There are so many platforms out there that host portfolios from different artists and designers.

We have rounded up 7 portfolio websites into a comprehensive list to help you find the right channels that can work for you.

Keep reading to find out what is more suitable for your art.

1.    Behance

This innovative platform helps both artists and designers to distribute their work to different sites. This includes online art galleries and related websites. The platform is not only all about showcasing, but it also helps up-and-coming artists and designers to be quickly discovered by potential clients. If you are an upcoming artist or designer looking for exposure, Behance is the right channel to spread the news.

2.    Dropr

If you are a struggling artist or a designer trying to climb up the top, you could make use of some free things here and there. That includes free websites like Dropr to showcase your portfolio. The site is easy to use and navigate for both the clients and the artists.

The website allows you to upload your portfolio in different formats. This includes photos, music, videos, and text. You can also upload interactive work like Flash and HTML5. Sounds sophisticated huh. I will tell you more. With this website, you can connect with your social media handles. LinkedIn, Vimeo, Behance among others.

3.    Adobe Portfolio

Behance Pro is a pacesetter for this portfolio website. It is easy to use, quick, and efficient to showcase your creative artwork and designs. If you need a complex and more personalized space, Adobe portfolio is not for you. But this is not to say that it is not up to standard because it is optimizable.

Adobe portfolio has its free option and a pricier version. This helps to accommodate both the upcoming and established artists and designers. Besides that, its paid version is free for 60 days. This gives you time to test it before committing your money to it.

4.    JournioPortfolio

If you are a writer or a text artist, forget about these websites. However, if you are a visual artist, it is highly efficient and easy to use. The website allows an artist or a designer at a moment’s notice. This means that in case of anything, your work is secure.

There is the free and the paid version which needs you to subscribe. If you are a struggling artist opting for a free version, you can still reap a bounty from this website. It allows you to save up to 10 samples on your homepage for potential clients and visitors to peruse. The format is easy and comprehensive too.

5.    FolioLink

You will love the live tech support on this website. That is its best feature. It is easy to build an impressively easy-to-understand portfolio with it. It features a wide range of customizable portfolio designs. It also has an option for video integration. If you wish to migrate the website, you will not lose anything in your portfolio.

This website has an in-built editor. This allows you to customize thumbnails and batch tools. FolioLink also recognizes Search Engine Optimization to make you searchable on the search tools. It also accommodates mobile and blog optimizations.

6.    Fotomat

This is the photographers’ ultimate choice. For any photographer looking for an easy-to-use and efficient website to showcase their photography, Fotomat is the best choice. You can upload as many images as possible and make them accessible to your viewers and clients. This website is not limited only to photographs, you can also upload as many videos as possible.

The website is customizable to suit the artist’s taste and needs. It allows you to add a logo and watermark to your videos and photographs. You can also play with fonts, water palettes, and brand images. Besides that, there are security features that help to protect your work.

7.    Cargo

This website shows some truly great work. It is simple, easy to use, and highly efficient. It even has the latest features you would like to use for your portfolio. The site allows you a collection of editable pages that are straightforward to use. Each of the pages has a design universal setting for each page.

If you feel that you are not overstretched and want to reap more from the website, you can always upgrade for their premium services. You will be able to access new internal linking features. However, you can stick with the free option that allows 12 projects and free pages before you can upgrade.

8.    Dribble

This is the best website to discover and connect with various artists and designers from around the world. The website allows you up to 48 shots per month. Which is fair enough especially for upcoming artists and designers.

However, not everybody can upload the shots, especially, if you are still considered a prospect. You need invites from seasoned users to be able to post the shots. It all sounds like a complicated affair, but it regulates the motivated designers to self-curate. It is one of the best websites to hone your abilities as a designer or an artist.

Final Thoughts

There are so many people out there looking for work. There are also so many clients looking for experienced and efficient artists and designers to work with. It is only sensible that you position yourself out there and let yourself be discovered. Recruiters are active on these websites. If your portfolio is impressive enough, you will eventually receive an offer.