The 5 Best Acrylic Paint Brushes in 2021

A good acrylic paintbrush should have fine hair and a good handle with a firm grip. It should also be easy to clean and can hold the hair after several uses. Today we have gathered information on the best acrylic paint brushes available in stores. We hope you get something helpful from our best picks.

Our Product Recommendations

#1 Benicci Artist Acrylics Paint Brush Set

BENICCI Paint Brush Set

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If you are an artist, you will hate any brush with falling bristles. Benicci Artist Acrylics Paint Brush is not that kind of brush. Its quality is super classy and reliable. It is very professional and functional, and it comes in a set. The ferrules on this one are super strong. To prevent scattering and coming apart, the bristles are double clamped.

Benicci Artist Brush Set is worth spending every dime on because of its good characteristics and the service it will accord you. It is considerably affordable and it comes in various sizes and shapes. The choice is yours for the making. It has an art sponge and a knife that is ideal for mixing inside the set.

The set is highly comfortable to work with and can be used for various projects. They also work well with various mediums like watercolors, oil, and acrylic paints. The wooden handles are designed to give the artist maximum comfort, speed, and ease. It has a 1-year warranty. If you purchase it and find it faulty, it has a 3-month return policy.


  •         It comes in different shapes.
  •         It has a variety of sizes.
  •         The design is very beautiful.
  •         It is comfortable to work with.
  •         The set is contained in a smart organizing box.
  •         The bristles are securely clamped. They do not fall apart.
  •         The ferrules are very strong.
  •         It has a warranty.
  •         It has a money-back guarantee.


  •         The hair tends to come out.
  •         They are expensive.
  •         The handles easily come off according to customer reviews.
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#2 Winsor & Newton Artisan Brushes

Winsor & Newton Artisan Brushes

This unique blend of high-quality synthetic fibers is ideal for use with water-mixable oils, or acrylics.  It is designed to give the best possible results to an artist especially when used with Winsor & Newton water-mixable oils. It is not, however, limited to that as it can also work with other brands of oil and acrylic paints.

Winsor & Newton Artisan Brush is designed to mimic the performance of hog bristle. It can retain its fine point and spring when it touches the water. This exquisite blend of white bristles performs better and for a longer time when used with water-based paints.

This acrylic paintbrush requires no solvents and it can easily be cleaned with water and regular soap. It is also balanced for comfort while working and it is very easy to handle. Its nickel-plated ferrule and silver handle make it beautiful and attractive to the eye.


  •         The handle is comfortable.
  •         It works well with other paints.
  •         It retains its fine point well.
  •         It has a high performance.
  •         It is easy to clean.
  •         It responds to the canvas.
  •         Its thickness is right.


  •         The sizes don’t match the regular standard sizes.
  •         They are designed too long and too soft.
  •         It is expensive.

#3 D’artisan Shoppe Paint Brushes for Acrylic

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This highly versatile brush works for all paint types. This brush has a mix of 4 natural hog hair bristle brushes. It also has 11 synthetic brushes that give an artist maximum stroke. This brush is lightweight and easy to use. The wooden handle is comfortable to grip and does not cause any unnecessary strain.

The hairs in this brush are secure and do not carelessly fall off. The quality is great, and it leaves you with a very professional painting without any aftermath debris. It is stiff enough to work on a variety of projects. Like many other acrylic paint brushes, it comes in various shapes and sizes to choose from.


  •         They are versatile.
  •         Ideal for various paint types.
  •         It is of professional quality.
  •         It is of high quality.
  •         It is lightweight.
  •         It is easy to use.


  •         They are expensive.
  •         Variations in a single brush line.
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#4 Da Vinci Maestro 2 Hog Bristle Brushes

Da Vinci Maestro 2 Hog Bristle Brushes

This meticulously handcrafted acrylic paintbrush is completed with interlocking bristles which offers excellent color retention. Its nickel-plated, brass ferrules hold the bristles in their place without developing rust. It is both durable and seamless, it withstands the test of weather conditions.

Da Vinci Maestro 2 Hog Bristle Brush has been designed to ensure better flags at the tip by removal of extra stiff and fat hair. It comes in various sizes and sets. The quality is nice, and it applies the paint uniformly to a surface.


  •         It is handcrafted.
  •         It has excellent color retention.
  •         It does not rust easily.
  •         It is durable and seamless.
  •         It has no extra stiff and fat hair.
  •         It is of good quality.
  •         It applies the paint uniformly.
  •         It returns to its natural shape after washing.


  •         It is expensive.

#5 Heartybay Nylon Hair Brushes for Acrylic Paints

Paint Brush Set by heartybay

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This brush that comes in different shapes and sizes are both decent and affordable. They are multipurpose and they will enable an artist to mix the colors well. It works well with a wide variety of paints and with most mediums.

These beautifully designed brushes are coated with an array of colors. Both the handles and ferrules are beautifully colored, they make a perfect choice for a gift. These high-grade brushes do not shed of their bristles. Their nickel ferrules help to avoid any rusting.

Heartybay Nylon Hair Brushes are robust and it leaves your painting perfect and even.


  •         They have different sizes.
  •         They are beautifully designed.
  •         The hair doesn’t fall off.
  •         They are easy to clean.
  •         They are affordable.
  •         They do not rust.
  •         They are high-grade.


  •         The paint on the handle chips.
  •         Not ideal for long-term usage.
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Ways to Care for Your Acrylic Paint Brushes

Once you have made your choice and finally purchased your acrylic paint brushes, that is not the end of the road. To give it a longer life and to have it in perfect shape until the end, here are some of the things you should do to care for your acrylic paintbrushes.

1.     Washing

Storing your brushes right away before washing the paints off and letting them dry means damage. Never at any given time let the paints dry on your brushes.

Regardless of how tired you are or what kind of a hurry you are in, always take a few minutes to wash off the acrylic paints from your brush. Acrylic paints, unlike other paints, dry so fast. A double wash on your brush is highly recommended for a better lifespan.

2.     Storing

How you store your brushes after thorough cleaning is just as important to its health. Always store away your brushes after they have completely dried. The tip of the brushes should face upward, and nothing should rest on top of it.

Also, ensure that the hair of the brushes is not bent or caught by anything while storing. Whatever you choose to be your brush holder, make sure that it is clean, dry, and free from dust.

3.     Use the right brush for the right purpose

There is always a very good reason why a particular brush has been specified for a particular purpose or media. As an artist, you should learn to respect those specifications.

If your brush is designed for acrylic paint, never use it for oil-based or gouache paints. This is because acrylic paints are very light, and they tend to dry so fast. Brushes designed for them match and accommodate these characteristics.

4.     Handling

You should learn to handle your brushes as gently and carefully as you would other important things. Always be mindful of the hair parts of the brush.

If you mishandle and place around your brush carelessly, the hairs are prone to fall off or to bend outwards making it hard to use. Always be mindful of how you place them down.

In conclusion, always be sure to purchase acrylic paint brushes with perfect intact bristles. Most of the brands have their bristles growing loose out of the brush with time. You do not want such an experience.

It is also worth noting that picking brushes with extra-stiff bristles will only leave ugly streaks on your painting. Double-check and study keenly before committing to what to pay for.