The 5 Best Acrylic Prints Companies in 2021

Whether you are a professional photographer who wants to print high-quality images, or you are just a novice who wants to learn the ropes – it’s good for you to go for unique options. Take, for instance, the best acrylic prints – these are a very unique option even compared to metal prints or canvas prints.

Even if you require hours of planning and preparation to create the perfect picture – your work will only be complete when you have the best printing option available.  Digital art is great, but for your work to truly last the test of time, it will need to be a physical copy. Thus, getting the best acrylic print is essential for your needs. You can even ask for customized patterns in print to make things appealing.

Our Metal Print Recommendations

  1. Pictorem – Best Overall
  2. Canvas Champ – Best For Home Decor
  3. BumbleJax – Best In Acrylic Face Mounting
  4. Signs – Best In Customer Service
  5. Canvas on Sale – Best For Bulk Printing

#1 Pictorem


Acrylic prints instantaneously enliven a dull room in your home or office. But in order to achieve this fete, one must find a dependable acrylic print company such as Pictorem. Other than having endless concessions on their site, they utilize a mix of value materials and excellent printing innovation. They utilize premium unadulterated acrylic just as much as they apply modern printing techniques.

The company has the reputation for having the ability to make the specific print size that a user requires. They also have a broad assortment of sizes beginning from 8 by 8 to 96 by 60. They have a simple requesting process that begins with you picking the size of prints you need: the thickness, fringe alternative, mounting choice, and shape. Given the distinctive mounting choices, users receive prints that are ready to hang. They offer a 30-day fulfillment and offers free delivery to those in Canada and the US. With respect to the shape, you can choose a 90-degree corner, which is one of their most famous shapes, roundabout print, adjusted corner, and unique shape. With their propelled printing alternatives, you can likewise look over four of their distinctive print impacts.


  • The customer service at Pictorem is outstanding.
  • The company manages large projects efficiently.
  • They are competitively priced.


  • The free delivery is limited to only the US and Canada.


#2 – CanvasChamp


CanvasChamp is one of our favorite sites.  If you take a look at their options, they have numerous choices for both photo prints and home decor options.  While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend them for filling out an art gallery, they can be a great option for gift ideas, home decor ideas, and affordable prices.

Sound like a fit for you? Check them out here.


  • Very affordable options for DIY decorators and gift givers.
  • Lots of deals on a regular basis (keep checking back for discounts)
  • Fast checkout and shipping.


  • Not the best for art gallery prints.

#3 – Bumblejax


Bumblejax is an acrylic printing company that is based in Seattle and has over 10 years of experience in creating acrylic prints. They are a subsidiary of Revolution Inc. – a company that has been in business for over 30 years, which means they know what they are doing. Upon perusing their site, we found they were one of the primary sites in the USA to offer acrylic face mounting as a print alternative.

Finally, Bumblejax does offer a few different kinds of prints (canvas, wood, aluminum), other than just acrylic prints.


  • The company pays attention to how they deliver their products as they arrive well packaged and protected from damage.
  • The company offers guidance to their customers on what prints work best for acrylic printing.
  • Their shipping cost is dependent on the value of the goods purchased and not a standard amount.
  • They provide hardware for hanging the acrylic prints as well as cleaning fluid.
  • The company’s website is easy to navigate even for newbies who have not tried it before.


  • There were no disadvantages we found when reviewing Bumblejax.

#4 – Signs


At Signs, you can change your photographs into delightful acrylic prints which you will cherish. You can take any of your most loved photographs or images and get them printed legitimately onto perfectly clear acrylic. At the point when you direct print on acrylic, you are getting exceptional picture clearness and detail that you won’t get with different sorts of materials. The acrylic material permits an optical profundity to your picture that you can’t discover with different sorts of divider workmanship. Signs offer custom acrylic prints without any limitations on the sizes or shapes that different organizations have. For all your acrylic photograph ventures, unquestionably look at Signs — you won’t be let down!


  • Clients can receive their acrylic prints in any custom size that they want.
  • The company applies two finish surfaces to ensure your acrylic prints are extremely vivid.
  • Users get a choice of two finished edges.
  • The website is extremely easy to maneuver even for younger or senior citizens.
  • They have a chat feature that allows you to get in touch with their customer care team in case you experience any challenges with the process.
  • They have one of the fastest production processes we have come across. The order was processed and shipped within a day.


  • Several customers have complained that they sometimes received prints that were dark. We, therefore, recommend that you request for the team at Signs to enhance your initial image.
  • The company only creates their prints in two thickness sizes, which may not always work for every customer

#5 – Canvas on Sale


Despite not being extremely popular, Canvas on Sale is one of the best acrylic print companies we have come across. This is because the company does an excellent job of recreating photos on the stylish acrylic glass that is of very good quality. The company uses a 3 millimeter acrylic glass that is precisely cut to a client’s specification.

The 3mm acrylic glass utilized on the acrylic prints is sliced to accuracy, consequently giving your prints a lavish look paying little mind to where you will put them. The organization utilizes a printing procedure that includes the utilization of a 12-color printing innovation whose outcomes in high-goals and perfect photograph proliferation. Furthermore, you can be certain that your acrylic print comes covered with a flawless layer of delicate acclivity that allows the base hues to keep their unique potency. Given their moderate retail price estimates for various size of prints, is ideal for anybody that needs to print numerous acrylic prints


  • It is ideal for individuals looking to do bulk prints.
  • The company does not compromise on the quality of the materials used.
  • They have received a lot of positive reviews from most of their customers.


  • Not known by many

Bottom Line

Since the motivation behind having acrylic prints in your environs is to improve the stylistic layout and add excellence and euphoria to your environment, it is important that they are made with the most noteworthy scrupulousness. Consequently, it is a smart thought to investigate your selection of pictures and pick those that are generally reasonable for acrylic printing.

Photos are one of the best ways through which special memories that mean a lot to us are captured. However, technological advances have made it even harder for people to print these special memories like they did in the past. Today, more and more people choose to save their special memories on the different cloud storage options such as Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.

While doing this is much quicker and easier, there is nothing wrong with wanting to have at least one physical album of the said memories. It is at this point that you can opt to have your photos as acrylic prints which you can choose to have fun with and display them as part of the décor in your space. Printing acrylic prints is an amazing initiative/ idea; however, finding and choosing the best acrylic print company can, most of the time, prove to be a daunting task. This is because the market is saturated with numerous acrylic print companies, and one can easily end up being ripped off in the process. To ensure that this does not happen, we have curated a list of the best acrylic print companies that you can choose from.

However, this doesn’t mean that you will be left without guidance. Most of the acrylic print companies provide their clients with a lot of supportive counsel on making creations that are noteworthy and durable. Deifying photos and images that are important to you with acrylic printing is a fantastic method of making them more engaging and appealing.

Regardless of whether you are an expert decorator or only a novice hoping to improve their environment and with prints that you have a soft spot for, the best approach is to recreate your acrylic prints via the best print organizations. You can start with any of the trustworthy companies discussed in our article above. If you prefer to conduct research by yourself and choose a different company to work with, do let us know which company you opted for and why?

Factors to Consider When Buying Acrylic Prints

  • The material – acrylic prints are usually made using different types of materials, with the common ones including nylon, canvas, linen and more
  • Colors – the colors on the print is essential because this determines whether it matches the décor of your space
  • Frame construction – the frame on this unit should also be durable, with most of these units being made using wood, metal and more
  • Ease of setup – go for an acrylic print, which is easy and convenient to set up on your chosen surface. Usually, these things come with special apertures, which you can use to place the prints on a wall.
  • Choice of designs and patterns – also, consider your selection of patterns and designs carefully when getting prints. The designs should be both appealing, unique, and suitable for your space.


There is no doubt that well-printed images can be an excellent way to improve the appeal and style of your personal space. Yes, that’s right. A good quality image not only enhances your space but also communicates good things about you. Thus, with the best acrylic prints, you install to improve the style and value of your personal space.

These are unit prints, which are both appealing and suitable for different types of interior décor. You can even order customized print results, especially when you have specific details, you need to be considered.