The 5 Best Canvas Print Companies in 2021

More people are turning to canvas art and other types of art prints in order to transform their drawings, photographs, images or paintings into beautiful wall art.  And if you’re in search of the best canvas print companies, then you have come to the right place.

When looking to transform your images or photos, the first step is to get a reliable and dependable canvas printing company that can do a quality job.  Some of the larger prints can cost a pretty penny, so you don’t want to regret your choice. As such, a good canvas print company should not just be able to utilize high resolution imagery in the process but should also make use of quality materials, excellent customer service, fast shipping, and at the right price.

Today, there are dozens, even hundreds, of  companies that all claim to have the ability to deliver quality canvas prints. While there are some genuine companies out there that do an excellent job, many of these “pop-up” companies are looking to make a quick profit by marking up lower quality materials.

That’s why we have reviewed some of the best canvas print companies that you can consider when you are looking to transform your piece of art.

Our Canvas Print Companies Recommendations

  1. Pictorem – Best Overall
  2. CanvasPop – Best Turnaround Time
  3. CanvasHQ– Best In Quality
  4. Adorama Printique  – Best In Offering Varied Print Services
  5. CanvasChampBest In Customer Service

#1 – Pictorem

Canvas Print from Pictorem
Gorgeous Canvas Print from Pictorem. See more examples of their prints here.

Pictorem is our favorite printing company on the planet.

How so? Let us count the ways:

  • Museum Quality Archival Prints – these are said to last up to a CENTURY.
  • Custom Prints with your own photos OR choose from thousands of options from professional artists and photographers.
  • Sizes ranges from modest to GIANT of 100″ by 54″ (at less than $250!!)
  • Varnish and canvas finish to accentuate AND protect.
  • Multi-panel prints (triple/tryptich and more)
  • Customer Service is on point.
  • Lots of other options besides canvas (they also top our list for metal prints, sticky wall murals, etc.)
  • Option for HD Canvas Print from Chromaluxe.

Not to mention the deals! They run significant discounts all the time.

Is there anything bad to say about Pictorem?

Not particularly, in our opinion.

Take a look at this video by Pictorem, showing the various canvas printing options and capabilities:

#2 – CanvasPop

Custom Pet Portrait by CanvasPop

CanvasPop is one of the original canvas print companies that has been around for many years.  We love the simplicity and ease of use of their platform.  They aren’t distracted by other gimmicks and products, it’s purely custom canvas prints for their customers.

This singular focus means that the ordering and checkout process is streamlined, we can get to the site, upload our pics, and check out within 5 minutes or less.

The laser-like focus of their business also affects their turnaround time and shipping time.  We received our print within 4 days, which is pretty amazing considering it’s custom-made, it’s not sitting on a shelf somewhere.

Overall CanvasPop is a really quality operation and provides a fast turnaround on custom prints for very reasonable prices.  We strongly recommend them!


  • Above all: high-quality prints.
  • Extremely streamlined site, upload and check out in a matter of minutes.
  • Fast turnaround time and shipping (took us 4 days to get our prints)
  • Friendly customer service.


  • Not very large-scale prints like Pictorem.

#3 – CanvasHQ

canvas hq

CanvasHQ is another great site that focuses purely on canvas prints and provides extremely high-quality prints that are perfect for home or office settings.

They start with high-quality ingredients such as commercial-grade inks that can stand up to outdoor use, this helps last long and resist moisture and fading over time.  It even allows you to clean up your print with a damp cloth if desired.

The inks are also UV resistant, so there won’t be any fading over time, and you don’t have to worry about putting the print in a shaded area.

CanvasHQ also searched high and low for the perfect type of canvas to use.  They ended up on “Chromata White”, which is a proprietary canvas that is meant for fine art and photography prints.  This is unlike some other providers that source their canvas from cheaper overseas providers and make their choice purely on profitability, instead of quality.

On top of that CanvasHQ has an amazing support team and they will personally correspond with you or even chat with you on the phone to help you with their order.


  • High-quality canvas materials sourced from the USA, chosen based on fine-art quality and not based on price.
  • Tested and approved by the Fine Arts Trade Guild.
  • Commercial grade inks that are UV and moisture resistant.
  • Frames are NOT rough lumber and stapled, like some competitors.  They are smooth and straightened stretcher bars that look great on the wall.
  • Competitive pricing and fast shipping times!


  • None that we could find.

#4 – Adorama Printique


Limited Time Deal: 20% off sitewide for new customers! Use code: WELCOMEAF

You may recognize the Adorama brand name, it’s been around for a long time as a source for camera equipment and electronics, with a flagship retail location in NYC.  I believe Adorama recently acquired Printique, which is a full-service printing company that also has retail locations as well as a healthy online presence.

Printique is a full-service printing company and has been voted among the top printing companies by various authorities (including us!)  However, the majority of their offerings are for paper prints.  As far as canvas prints go, they are perfectly fine, with the same high quality as their other products, but they don’t have as much variety as some other services (such as Pictorem).

They offer canvas print sizes from a modest 8×8 for ~26 bucks, to a health 30×40 for ~260 bucks.

Another potential downside, is they don’t have a gallery of art and photos to choose from.  While many people are only looking to print their own photos, so this isn’t an issue, some people are looking for prints that will fill out a room, and don’t necessarily have the photos themselves.  Services like Pictorem are a little better for this.


  • Highest quality prints available.
  • Full-service printing (paper, metal, canvas, and wood).
  • Straight forward photo upload and print process.
  • Lots of size choices (max of 30×40)


  • No photo gallery to choose from.
  • No varnish or canvas finish options.
  • Great for quick home decor options, not great for artists’ gallery prints.

#5 – CanvasChamp


CanvasChamp is a great site.  They are a virtual smorgasbord of cool gifts idea, home decor options and general inspiration for tinkering with your home or office decoration and visual design.

They also make our list of the best metal prints companies and offer other image gifts like custom pillows, blankets, and all sorts of neat ideas.

When it comes to canvas prints, they are extremely competitive with pricing, sporting discounts galore especially during holidays and promotional times.  As of the writing of this, you can get a small canvas print (8″ x 8″) for less than $5!

For those looking to decorate your whole home, corporate offices, or in the hospitality space, they can assist with bulk orders and personal assistance.


  • Extremely competitive pricing.
  • Lots of cool gift ideas and inspiration for your home or office decor outside of just canvas prints.
  • Fast turnaround time and shipping.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, and a lifetime warranty!


  • Probably not the choice for art galleries, more of a home and office option.

Final Thoughts

The reason why most people turn to canvas prints is that it’s a great way of preserving the happy memories that ended up being captured in a still photo. As such, choosing a canvas print company that can deliver quality prints is something that you shouldn’t take lightly. As mentioned, there are lots of canvas print companies that you can consider but before making your decision, ensure you do proper research on the company you want to entrust your images to and read online reviews to see what past customers are saying about them. If possible, ask for recommendations from friends and family as well.