The 6 Best Exacto Knives In 2021

Similar to a pocket knife, utility knives are available in different types and designs. These include retractable, fixed, or folding blades.

Depending on the task you want to perform, and the material you want to cut, some knives will be more useful than others.

For instance, when cutting a box, an extendable blade that retracts to a specific length is perfect.

When crafting, a blade that has adjustable length will provide optimal flexibility.

These crafting blades under the brand name X-ACTO <TM> (pronounced “Exacto”) continue to be very popular and are dominating the market.  Below we’ve put together our recommended list of these legendary blades for your crafting needs.

PRO TIP: To ensure the blade won’t damage your work surface, consider getting a self-healing cutting mat on which to cut.  Have pity on your poor worktable!

Our Exacto Knives Recommendations

Best Overall: X-ACTO #2 Knife With Safety Cap

X-ACTO #2 Knife

Make precise cuts in various materials when you have the X-ACTO #2 Knife with a safety cap. This precision knife with a number 2 large fine point blade makes it easy to create smooth cuts. It’s also perfect for cutting even heavyweight types of materials. Whether it’s thin steel, paper, glass, or more, this blade is a reliable go-to solution each time.

Being able to use your knife conveniently should be an essential factor for you to consider. Thus, you will find it easy to maneuver this knife for your needs thanks to the medium-weight aluminum handle. It even comes with an easy-change blade system. To make things safe, the X-ACTO brand has done well to include a safety cap for storage purposes.

The knife is easy to use when cutting various types of materials. These include plastic, metal, film, acetate, wood, and more. Also, the included #2 large point blade is ideal for strength and sharpness.

The Good

  • Precision knife with two large fine point blade
  • Suitable for cutting heavyweight materials
  • Has an easy-change blade system
  • Comes with a safety cap for easy storage

 The Bad

  • The handle is a bit thicker than a regular X-acto knife


DIYSELF Exacto Knife Upgrade Cutting Mat Carving Craft Knife

DIYSELF Exacto Knife

Working on your art projects has never been this easy! The DIYSELF Exacto Knife is an excellent addition to your working regimen. It’s a knife that comes with a 3mm thick cutting mat. Yes, the mat has three layers to ensure it will protect your knives and working spaces. Also, the exceptional finish will reseal after making shallow cuts.

You will also be pleased to know that changing blades on this unit is easy. Yes, you can change the blades on this knife in as little as 5 seconds. The cutting knife set is available with different types of craft knives and blades to take things to the next level. Thus, you have a reliable way to meet your needs when working on cutting projects.

The safety cap on this unit also makes the knife safe to use and highly convenient for productivity. You won’t have to worry about having to keep the knife in a safe space every time you work on your projects.

The Good

  • Comes with a large cutting mat that is 3mm thick
  • Sharp blade change is easy in 5 seconds or less
  • The unique finish will reseal after shallow cuts
  • Has a safety cap for convenient use

The Bad 

  • Blades have the tendency to fall out during use


X-ACTO Craft Tools #1 Knife With Safety Cap, Pink

X-ACTO Craft Tools

Making precise cuts has never been this easy. The X-ACTO Craft Tools knife makes it easy to make fine cuts for various types of projects. Equipped with a #11 fine point blade, you will find it easy to create clean and accurate cuts through your chosen material. These include materials such as metals, delicate fabrics, thin metals, and glass.

The ability to handle your Exacto knife with ease should be a crucial factor for you to consider. Thus, this is why the ergonomic design handle with a soft grip offers optimal comfort, especially when cutting. More so, the fun pink-colored handle does well to lighten up your workspace.

Equipped with a rear blade release, you will find it easy to perform blade changes. As you would expect with all good knives, this unit has a safety cap for worry-free storage.

The Good

  • A precision knife with an #11-point blade for exact cuts
  • Ergonomic handle makes the knife easy to use
  • Has a soft-grip handle and lively pink color
  • The rear blade release makes it easy to perform blade changes

The Bad 

  • The finish on this blade is not durable


Excel Blades Fit Grip Knife by Excel Blade 

Excel Blades Fit Grip

Lightweight, ergonomic and dynamic. These are some of the few benefits you should expect when you have the Excel Blades Fit Grip Knife. It’s an excellent cutting tool, perfect for various types of art and design projects. It’s an excellent knife, which you can use to produce accurate and meticulous cuts with exceptional consistency.

Equipped with an ergonomic handle, using this knife is exceptionally easy. It has a contoured and rubberized grip barrel, which offers many benefits. The knife will provide outstanding control and comfort, thereby ensuring unparalleled movement when in use.

Also, the lightweight, yet robust design makes this blade suitable for use in many applications. It comes with an ultra-sharp and carbon steel blade. It’s easy to use to produce curved lines or circles into materials such as paper, stencils, decals – and at different angles too.

The blade is also available with additional features such as an angled edge blade and a shatter-resistant cap. This way, you can store the blade safely after each session.

The Good 

  • Has an ergonomic grip handle
  • The blade is made from carbon angle steel
  • Precision angled blade for precise cutting results

The Bad

  • N/A

ELMERS X-Acto X3000 Knife with Cap, Black (X3730Q) 

ELMERS X-Acto X3000

Take your productivity to the next level when you have the ELMERS X-Acto X3000 Knife with Cap. This knife has an inbuilt storage compartment that can hold as many as five extra blades for your convenience. When it comes to grip, this knife boasts of a textured no-slip grip, perfect for comfort when in use.

Made using durable steel material, these blades are sturdy and will provide many years of reliable cutting performance. Furthermore, the Exacto knife has exceptional ergonomics to make it highly comfortable in your hands when in use.

Also, the anti-roll handle will make it easy to prevent the knife from falling off the desk or table when in use. You will find it easy to use the X3000 knife to make precise cuts on different materials. It even has three # 11 classic fine point blades and a safety cap for your convenience.

The Good

  • Has an inbuilt storage compartment for holding extra blades
  • The textured no-slip grip offers optimal comfort when in use
  • Comes with an anti-roll handle to prevent the knife from falling
  • Available with three #11 classic fine point blades and safety cap

The Bad 

  • Not suitable for cutting super thick materials


X-Acto Gripster Designer Series, 1″, Pink 

X-Acto Gripster Designer Series

Designed to suit different applications, the X-Acto Gripster Designer Series is also an excellent knife for precision-cutting. The features this knife has will let you enjoy high-performance cutting, just as you would have done if you were a professional.

The knife comes with a rubberized barrel to ensure exceptional control and comfort when in use. It’s ideal for delicate, precision cutting, trimming and stripping. You will find it easy to use when you want to cut paper, plastic, balsa, thin metal, or even clothing.

You will be pleased with the exceptional anti-roll handle, which makes the knife easy to use for different applications. Owning a reliable knife is essential for different types of crafting and art projects. Yes, a good knife will make it easy to make intricate lines, curves and fine details. Thus, you are sure that this knife will cut easily through materials such as cloth, poster boards, and even paper.

The Good

  • Has a rubberized barrel for optimal comfort and control
  • Suitable for delicate, precision cutting and trimming
  • Comes with an anti-roll handle for ease of use
  • Rubberized barrel for comfort and control

The Bad 

  • Could use better ergonomics for ease of handling


You need the correct tools if you want to be productive when working on your projects. In this guide, we have for you the best X-ACTO <TM> brand knifes for you to consider.

Remember that it’s an indispensable tool for the precision cutting of lightweight materials. More so, the knives we have in this guide are comfortable and easy to use for different projects. The top pick in this guide would have to be the X-ACTO #2 Knife With Safety Cap because of its performance when cutting.

That said, the remaining Exacto knives are also great considerations for your needs. For this reason, get a good knife and instantly take the results of your project to the next level.