The 6 Best Metal Print Companies in 2021

Unlike conventional canvas prints or paper prints, metal prints stand out with rich detail and a metallic sheen. It also offers a great alternative to classic wall art.

However, it’s important to find the right company for your needs. The best metal print company for you will be one that fits your standards for quality, price, and size.  Your needs will vary based on whether you use the printer in your home, office, or professional gallery.

We’ve gone ahead and evaluated the top metal prints companies on the market today to see how they best fit certain needs. Below is a list of some of the top recommendations for you to consider.


Our Metal Print Companies Recommendations

#1 Pictorem

HD Metal Print from Pictorem

This list of metal print companies would not have been complete without Pictorem, a Montreal-based company. Bring your artwork and images to life, by going for the metal print services offered at Pictorem. The company is famous for its outstanding work ethic, and ability to produce quality images for clients each time. Moreover, they are also renowned for gallery-quality photo prints and high-quality canvas prints (they are also #1 on our list of canvas prints companies).

The company was founded in 2014. Since then, it has amassed a considerable following among photo enthusiasts from all around the world. Similar to all the top photo printing companies, they also have a reliable support team who work on custom metal print orders.

We spoke with Fabien, manager at Pictorem and he gave a great quote (we are paraphrasing): “We are up 50% this year, but we don’t ever want to grow so fast that we can’t give each customer the personalized service they deserve.”

As far as metal print goes, Pictorem is famous for its unique images, which often have an exceptional resolution. Whether you want an image for personal or public space, you will find what you need. They even have a reliable team of customer support, who you can count on to provide image customization services, and walk you through anything you might need.

Want more info? See this very helpful video on the types of metal prints and how they compare to one another:

#2 Nations PhotoLab

Nations PhotoLab Metal Prints

Nations PhotoLab is another excellent provider of home décor, including of course Metal Prints, as well as Paper Prints, Glossy Prints, and even Linen Prints, as well as other photo gift ideas.

While not our choice for a professional gallery art like Pictorem, the company was founded by a group of professional photographers – the Maryland-based company does have quality photography in its pedigree.

The options they provide make a great gift or home decor fodder for those looking for a personalized and visually appealing print. With prices that go as low as less than $12 for a metal print, you can’t really go wrong.


      • Excellent prices
      • Home decor and gift ideas galore!
      • Dye sublimation aluminum prints for extremely high-quality images
      • Great customer service


    • Metal prints up to 24″x36″ are perfect for most home décor and gifts but aren’t quite big enough for all gallery work.

#3 Adorama Printique


Adorama is a picture print service that provides various kinds of metal prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints, and various photo printing and business prints services.

Their diverse range of products gives users lots of options, including images in different shapes such as circles, hexagons, hearts, and more.

Moreover, they also have a convenient price calculator, which you can use to determine the price of image printing services.

The print company started its first store on 34th street in New York City. With such a rich history in the image and filmmaking industry, it’s easy to see why Adoramapix ranks as one of the best metal print companies. Over the years, the company has become a large name in the image printing service niche.

You even get to interact with staff members who can help you come with customized images. They help you come up with customized templates and designs which often stand out.

Aside from image printing services, the company also specializes in various other entertainment niches. Their highly experienced customer support is always working hard in the background to deliver reliable services to clients. Moreover, they have a diverse range of metal print products, which you can consider for both public or personal purposes.

#4 – CanvasChamp


We love CanvasChamp.  If you are a home decor or interior decorator geek, you’ll get lost in the massive amount of ideas and cool products CanvasChamp has listed on their site.  It’s no wonder they also make our lists for the best canvas prints and best acrylic prints!

They even have their own “Idea Gallery” which shows you different designs submitted by their customers that you can get inspired by and run with.

But anyway, back to metal prints, they have plenty of great options for those as well.  They offer either a white finish or a glossy finish (both can be good depending on the image you are printing).  You can treat the image to be either original, grayscale (black and white) or sepia-toned.  Finally, they offer several different frame options, including frameless!

Finally, their prices are very competitive, especially during special promotions.

Overall a great site and worth checking out!


  • Metal Prints are Waterproof, UV Resistant, and durable for years to come.
  • Great customer service
  • Extremely competitive pricing
  • Lots of smaller size options which are great for gifts and home decor options.


  • Doesn’t quite go to the HD Dye Sublimation Print quality level that most would want for an art gallery or other large-scale metal prints.

#5 – Bay Photo Labs


Bay Photo also ranks among some of the best metal print companies. It has a long history of innovative photographic printing and editing services. Found in the coastal woods of the state of California, the company has been providing reliable image printing services for well over four decades. They are famous for putting in keen attention when making their products, thus ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. Their diverse range of products includes handcrafted albums, wall displays, customized images, and more. The ordering process is also simple, and Bay Photo Labs is also famous for providing amazing discounts and coupons for its clients.

More so, they also have excellent displays for galleries, which include metal prints in aluminum. The prints are available in any size, including 48 x 96, with several installations and mounting options available. Furthermore, they also have a convenient online ordering system referred to as Bay ROES. This system makes it easy for customers to place orders for customized prints.

#6 – ChromaLuxe


Experience reliable photo printing services when you go for ChromaLuxe. The company also ranks among the top metal print companies, due to its exceptional record of satisfaction. They use a unique dye sublimation technique, whereby images are infused directly on specially prepared sheets of metal. Using this approach allows the Chromaluxe to come up with almost real-life images, which are appealing and durable. Furthermore, the company conducts all its painting procedures in the USA, with most of its specialization procedures occurring in Louisville, KY. Aside from the USA, the company also has its operations in various parts of the world. These include Australia and Belgium, which are vital in helping the company to supply products to clients from all over the world.

On top of that, the company is an affiliate of the Universal Woods Family and is among some of the top art manufacturing products. The company even has a sister brand which is known as Unisub and is also famous for supplying sublimatable products. The best part about this company is that all its products are environmentally friendly. They only use recycled material when making metal prints.


Being able to print using unique methods and techniques can be a great way to make an impression on other people. Whether you want artwork for personal space, gallery or even restaurant, you can never go wrong with the best metal print companies. The list of options we have outlined above is by the most reliable solutions available at the moment.

With a reliable art company, you are not only sure your investment is safe, but you also get high-quality prints that will last a lifetime.