How to Print from Samsung Tablet to HP Printer – Complete Guide

Printing from any device, whether it’s an Android device or Apple device, or any computer actually are pretty easy. You will understand naturally that it’s actually a matter of installing some apps and connecting the device and the printer correctly when you read the following article. There are several ways to connect the two devices, and you must find the way you and your devices are more compatible. So let’s not waste any time further and get straight into the discussion.

How to Print from Samsung Tablet to HP Printer: 5 Easy Methods

There are quite a few print options. The following are the five most recommended methods the users use to print via HP printers from Samsung tablets.

  • Print by a wireless network.
  • Print by Google Cloud Print.
  • Print with Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Print by NFC Functionality.
  • Print with a USB OTG cable

While using any of the options, you must ensure that your Printer has specific functionality. Some of the printers do not have any Wi-Fi facility. So, in that case, you need to follow the last method mentioned above. The mentioned methods are discussed briefly below.

Print by a Wireless Network

This is one of the easiest ways to print wirelessly. For this, one needs to have a wireless printer/Wi-Fi printer. Basically, most people like to follow this method because this is the easiest way to print from your Samsung Android Tablet.

For this method, you will have to have your both devices, that is, your Samsung Galaxy tablet and your HP printer to be connected with the same Wi-Fi network and same router within your office or home.

The next step is to download the HP smart app from the Play store. Then tap install. After that, one needs to connect the two devices from more settings. After that, one needs to tap the print. Then one needs to follow the required instructions further and then print the necessary documents that you want to print.

Print by Google Cloud Print

This is one of the effortless ways to print from your Samsung Galaxy Tab and HP printer. Why is this effortless? Because you can print from anywhere using this method. This allows your Samsung Galaxy Tablet and your wireless printer to exchange commands via a wireless network. Both devices must be connected with a stable internet connection and be synced with the same Google Account.

You need to connect the printer with Google Chrome and sync it with your Google account on a computer. You can print from anywhere around the world just having a Google account and stable internet connection. Amusing, right?

Print with Wi-Fi Direct

This third method will allow you to print wirelessly using a direct Wi-Fi connection through your Samsung Tablet and HP wireless Printer.

This method is quite impressive as it will allow you to connect two devices in your home or office. You can connect Samsung Galaxy Tablet with your wireless HP printer by connecting them through Wi-Fi direct.

The notable thing is that your printer from HP has to have Wi-Fi direct features.

After this, you have to install HP Print Service Plugin from Play Store and follow the necessary procedures further.

Print by NFC Functionality

You might think, what is NFC? NFC is termed Near Field Communication which allows devices to connect with each other with just a mere touch. Using this feature will make your printer act like a Bluetooth printer as you can connect the devices even if you don’t have a wireless network.

This function is primarily available on high-end HP printers. Many usual printers lack this feature. Besides, to use this feature, one needs to ensure that the Samsung Galaxy Tab also has the same NFC capabilities. Otherwise, one will not be available to use this feature.

This feature can be used by using a wireless network on some devices, going into the settings menu, and tapping more connection settings for some other appliances.

Print with USB OTG Cable

This is actually the traditional way to print from any device using a printer. But you need to invest some money in buying an OTG on-the-go cable for using this feature. Most of the android devices already come with a USB cable which has been used far beyond printing. So this can be used for this feature.

For utilizing this feature, one must ensure their Samsung Tablet supports printing via the OTG method.

The next step is to install HP Print Service Plugin. Then one needs to open the HP Print Service Plugin for further procedures.

What to Do If Your HP Printer Lacks Wi-Fi Service?

Frankly, not all HP printers have Wi-Fi features. Most of the budget-friendly and old available printers do not allow either wireless printing or NFC features. In this case, the following methods can be used to print from Samsung Tablet by an HP printer.


This is the easiest way to print using OTG or USB cables. This is termed the most traditional way of printing.

For this, you need to buy an OTG cable and ensure that your Samsung tablet allows printing with this cable. Most Android devices come with a USB cable. But in case if you don’t have one, you need to buy one as this cable does not come with HP printers.

This is the most comfortable print option if you don’t have a Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth printer for printing. Besides, If your Samsung Tab allows Samsung Print Service Plugin to print via OTG cable, this will be the right way for you despite having other lucrative ways.

Memory Slots

Some Printers always have a slot for memory cards or SD cards, allowing users to access the files and documents inside the memory card and print them effortlessly. If Samsung tablets have options to print from memory cards, this must be another easy way to print documents. You need to remove the memory card from your tab, insert it into the HP printer and thus print the contents.

USB flash drives allow the same method. Just you need to make sure that your Samsung Galaxy Tab allows this method. To check, you can simply tap the Samsung print service and see whether your device supports this. To see other instructions, you have to tap the Samsung print service and follow the necessary steps.

USB flash drives can be used via OTG cable if your printer and your tablet can support this functionality.

Transfer All Data to a Computer

This is the last option if nothing else works. Honestly, this is the most conventional and classic way.

For this, you need to transfer all the files from your Samsung Tab that you want to print. Then you need to connect the printer, and automatically the screen will show allow printing? You will have to tap printing. Although this is the most classical approach to printing, it’s certainly not the quickest way to print if nothing else works.

Quick Print Solutions via HP Printer from Your Samsung Tablet

  • First, go to the printer’s control panel, then click the icon and then tap Settings.
  • Click the option More connection Settings from the Settings menu.
  • Then select the option named download plugin.
  • Now check the whole homepage to see the available apps. Not all apps will be necessary for this.
  • Choose the Device manufacturer of your printer and tap install.
  • After this is fully installed, go to the main menu by double-clicking the back button.
  • Now click the downloaded plugins.
  • Now select the slider option. The plugin is on now.
  • Your printer will be listed currently.
  • The next step is to choose the required files and tap print.


It is pretty easy to print documents, right? Just need to follow the necessary steps to print from any device via any printer. Due to technological advancement, there are many options or ways in which you can print data. Isn’t it amusing that you can print from anywhere in the world simply by connecting your devices via Google Account?

So from the above details, you have got the necessary information to print documents from your Samsung Tablets by HP printer. So what are you waiting for? Print them according to your need via the simplest route according to you!