10 Great Jobs to Get with an Arts Degree

You have successfully gone through art school and you are wondering, what next?

Well, what next is even bigger. You are about to enter into the job marketplace and start applying for suitable jobs. But even with your art degree, there is still that lingering question of what jobs you should apply to. I should put it to you that there are so many.

Perhaps you are also a student applying for art courses. Before you enroll, you have to know the kind of jobs that you will go for once you are through with school. This kind of degree prepares you for a wide scope of job opportunities.

Whether you are still going through, or you have earned your degree, there is a lot you can do out there. The world is your oyster, go bold and take the challenging opportunities. Here are some of the jobs you should apply for.

7 Great Jobs You Should Apply for With Your Arts Degree

1.    Professional Artist

If you are talented and creative, there is no reason why you should not pursue a career in your passion. If you have self-drive, stamina, and the discipline that every artist relies on to succeed, this is what you should go for. You must also be able to widely market and promote yourself for people to notice you as an artist.

Be resourceful and strategic. Find places where you can showcase and sell your art. Being a professional artist means closing your eyes, putting everything aside, and going in full swing. Being a professional artist has a lot of benefits attached to it. But it also comes with a lot of demands. You must be a daredevil to go fully into art as a beginner without any other source of income.

2.    Illustrator

This is one of those luxury jobs with little competition. If you are a creative illustrator with talent, then you are the ultimate catch. Illustrators communicate through illustrations with minimum texts with their audience. Just how exciting.

If you already have your bachelor’s degree, scout for jobs in this field. It gets even better if you have paired it with another range of relevant skills.

3.    Photographer

The best part of being an art major is that you have options. You can be self-employed, freelance, or you can get employed by someone else. Photography falls in this category. If the job market is tight, you don’t need to sit idle and wait for something to happen. Get a simple camera and get to work.

The most important thing, especially for a freelance photographer, is to have an impressive portfolio. Put some work out there and if possible, get them published. Build on your experience if you prefer being employed.

4.    Animator

There are so many areas an animator can work in. It is close to an illustrator, but the difference is in motion. You can get jobs with advertising companies, film industry among other places. You can also join the special effects team. It all depends on where your luck lies.

If your bachelor’s degree is paired with passion and talent, you can do great things as an animator. Animation has become more and more popular in the media industry. Most people are still shy of it. Why not seize the opportunity and do exploits with it?

5.    Graphic Designer

This is yet another lucrative career you can pursue when you get your bachelor’s degree in art. Graphics design can easily be learned and practiced without a proper classroom. As long as you have passion and drive. However, you must know that it can be very hard to get a job with a paper qualification. No matter how creative you are.

A graphic designer is responsible for creating and combining both texts and pictures for media. It is that person at the corner of your office who creates visual concepts. This job is both exciting and challenging. It broadens your mind and sharpens the skills you already have. As a graphic designer, you are responsible for conceiving ideas that inspire, inform and convince a consumer.

6.    Creative Director

level It is not a farfetched idea to want to become a creative director as soon as you finish school. What is farfetched is wanting to be it without going through the right channels. Climbing the ladder. This entails starting from the junior level in a given organization and steadily climbing the ranks.

A creative director creates a company’s branding campaigns. They also monitor trends, assist clients, and above all else manage the company’s creative team. Being a creative director is not an overnight thing. It requires developing sharp skills, learning with no end, and of course steadily climbing up the ranks.

7.    Fashion Designer

This is all about good tastes in fashion, elegance, and creativity. Being a fashion designer means that you are responsible for conceiving fashion and accessories ideas, designing, and bringing them to life.

Some of the key roles of an artist are sketching designs, sourcing trending fabrics, and managing the overall production of both the clothing and accessories. Passionate fashion designers love participating in every production process. Besides the obvious technical skills, you must have an eye for good things!

8.    Interior Designer

We couldn’t finish this article without bringing up this job description. It is the most underrated yet one of the most lucrative in the arts industry. Your key roles as an interior designer will include designing the interior of a given space and giving it a breath of beauty to make it aesthetically pleasing.

You will be working with various decorative items according to a client’s taste. This includes art walls, vases, lighting, floors, color contrast, furniture among other things. As an interior designer, you will be responsible for beautifying people’s homes. You will also be the one to sketch designs and brainstorm with clients before executing the job.

In Conclusion

As long as you have your bachelor’s degree and some experience from an internship, it wouldn’t be that hard to find something to do. The good thing about an art bachelor’s degree is that you get to choose what to do. You can freelance, get employed, or be self-employed.

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