10 Latina Artists to Follow In 2021

Over the years, Latin America has been the hub for both fresh and old talents. In fact, Miami is getting its good moods from the ever-sprouting free-spirited Latin artists in the region. There are so many that there’s a need to put a wave of worthwhile artists on your radar.

Having fresh talents gracing your newsfeed is not such a bad idea. Especially in these slow times where the pandemic has paralyzed almost every activity. On the flip side, it has given us the push we all need to discover hidden gems buried within us. People have now learned new skills and crafts as a substitute for their affected sources of income.

Following these artists can do a lot for you.

From music to nail art, here is a quick highlight of the most popular Latina artists topping the charts. Here’s a list of the best artists to follow for both entertainment and inspiration. Always borrow a leaf from creative minds. Let’s dive right in.

1.    Adrian Villar Rojas

This elaborate sculptor is responsible for the high spirits in Miami’s art galleries. His work explores the notions around the end of the world through clay and his fine fingers. His is such a large-scale production that showcases mostly the post-world remnants and debris. This Argentinian imagination is on another level and that is why he deserves the top number in any chart of artists. If you are an upcoming sculptor, there is a lot to borrow from Adrian for your own projects.

2.      Abraham Cruzvillegas

This Mexican conceptual visual artist has cultivated his skills beyond his art. He has adopted writing as an investigative tool for his new projects. He also uses his writing as a vehicle for self-analysis. With his vast range of dynamic sculpture assembly, there is nothing short for him to write about. Abraham has been dubbed the most talented sculptor in the 21st century. In his own words, Abraham says that he sees himself as a matchmaker of some sort. He further said that his art often ends up in an eloquent orgy!

3.      Steffan Bruggemann

This Mexican artist sounds a lot like a jack of so many trades. He is. He does sculpture, video, painting, and drawing. However, his most outstanding work that has made his name is painting. This artist’s oeuvres are characterized by aluminum and spray paints on a canvas.  He critiques text-based minimalist pieces. When contemporary culture and the art world converge, there is likely to be a storm. Steffan is an artist that takes the art industry by storm.

4.    Adriana Rios

Now, we all love some music. How can you even live and not love music! Hailing from Tijuana Mexico, Rios has proven herself in the music arena. She is the most gifted in the Mexican music realm and outermost parts of the world. She is a rising star that is rising so fast and will soon take over the skies. Adriana is signed with AfinArte Music. Now, good music with excellent production is nothing short of a masterpiece.

5.    Antonia Jones

She is ruling the airwaves in Latin America. Adriana is a combo of singing and songwriting. Too many blessings in one basket! Her lyrics are empowering, with an artistic approach. She is a breath of fresh air in the industry with all her sultry voice. Almost like the siren song. Her music reflects women’s independence, self-care, and wildness. Adriana is so much inclined to pop-funk-R&B melody and has been endorsed as a most promising rising talent.

6.    Bianca

This musician is best remembered for her hit “Tudo no sigilo”. That is what made her viral. Now she has so many arrows in her quiver and she is charting the top with her single hits. One of her best latest singles “Cara-metade” is ruling the airwaves and by the look of things, she is getting better by the day. Perhaps she will be the next Brazilian funk star especially now that she is warming up to bilingual music.  She will go global.

7.    Sigourney Nunez

Nail art is taking over the world. Especially in the past few years. People are slowly beginning to love and appreciate their nails, and this has given a chance to nail artists. Sigourney Nunez is a licensed nail technician. She has been trending for over a minute on most social media pages. Especially Instagram. She is a one-woman who has many feathers in her cap. She has multiple awards in multimedia journalism and that has never deterred her from pursuing her passion for nail technology.

8.    Ami Vega

This nail artist can instantly turn your summer nails into the fall trend. The world is following her almost in a frenzy. Everybody is enchanted by her gifted nail art that brings actual art into your fingernails. She has a huge following on all her social media platforms and by the look of things, she is a darling to her fans. This innovative artist started off simple with a blog on Tumblr. See where her audacity to dream has brought her. She is the reigning manicurist in New York City and to reign in New York is no joke!

9.    Carolina Kro Vargas

She is the queen of gel nail art and she does justice for every nail that needs some work. There is nothing as satisfying as bringing art right into people’s fingertips and that is what this nail artist does exactly. Carolina has the Midas touch to her work! She is impressively skilled and unstoppable. For a nail artist, she is in high demand and travels often to personally deliver her art on her clients’ fingernails!

10. Jose Davilla

This is yet another artist who has many feathers in his cap. He works in a range of media and his art comes out perfect. He does sculpture, installation, collage, and photography. The perfect handyman who explores both material and form. This artist has exhibited his work in some top galleries around Miami. His multidisciplinary work has given him the boost he needs to break through the thick glass ceiling. He is a minimalist and poet whose work revolves around investigative and critiques.


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