What is a Master of Fine Arts Degree?

This is a graduate-level degree earned by students pursuing a course in fine arts. This includes fine arts, creative writing, graphic design, photography, dance theatre among others. This is a well-established qualification to earn a student enough merit for well-paying job opportunities.

But what exactly is fine arts? It is the ability of an artist to use passion for imagining and creating good quality and unique art. This should outline and finely bring out the aesthetics of a subject’s writing. This could be in the form of writing, painting, carving, among other art techniques.

When one studies fine arts, they amass knowledge and education in visual and performing arts. This field of study has immense opportunities in the job market. Besides that, it is an open cheque for the student to either freelance or fully venture into art creation.

Is a Master’s in Fine Arts Worth it?

This line of education is perfect for a talented person who wishes to continue with their passion and creativity later in life. It is also an important path when you are planning on taking your education to a higher level where most people are afraid to chart.

However, before you decide to pursue this line of study, you need to think hard about whether this is the direction you want your life to take in the long run. You have to weigh the inherent chances that you have. For example, creativity and talent. These two play key roles in whether you will succeed in the art industry or not.

What Careers are Available for Masters in Fine Arts Students?

There is a lot of gloom and doom in this career as many have made it out to be. Truth is, as long as you have determination and passion, something good will always give. You can either choose to join the employment sector or to practice art as a form of self-employment.

Now that you have earned your Master’s in Fine Arts, what next? Here’s a list of some careers you can consider when applying for job opportunities after getting your masters.

1.    MFA in Writing

There are a lot of places you can work when you have a flawless master’s certificate in Fine Arts. You can join advertising agencies, local newspapers, or even a magazine company. If you prefer flexibility, you can do freelance writing. Many postgraduates are now making a lot of money from freelance creative and business writing. There are a lot of ways you can establish your writing career. You can become a teacher or a professor in Literature and other related subjects.

2.    MFA in Acting

If you can break through the thick glass ceiling, acting is such a lucrative career. With your master’s degree, it opens up leeway for you to start off your acting career. You might not take immediately to Hollywood or Broadway as you might wish but you can start somewhere at the bottom. Create your portfolio at local theatres and the community films. Later when you have an airtight portfolio, you can decide to either chase bigger dreams in places like Hollywood or teach and direct movies. Wherever your stars lead you, follow it for as long as you don’t veer off course.

3.    MFA in Art

Artists have a wide range of opportunities in the marketplace compared to other careers. There is a lot you can do with your MFA in Art. You can consider becoming a designer, advertising agencies, marketing departments among others. The list is endless. You could even start your own company and take the position of creative director. But this all depends on the skills you gained in school. If you did graphic designs, then create a company along that line.

Most of these skills topped with a high level of creativity, talent, and passion are most sought after by employers. Just practice and hone your skills whether you are in the employment sector or not. This gives you an edge and motive to carve out a career in a specific field like advertising or web designing rather than taking the wider scope.

Pros and Cons of Masters’ in Fine Arts

As always said, there are always two sides to every coin. Everything has its pros and cons no matter what overrides the other. Even the Masters’ in Fine Arts, there are good and bad consequences in pursuing the course and you have to be fully prepared for any eventuality.


  •         This is an excellent platform to prepare yourself for self-expression. Art is a form of expression and if you must be skilled on how best to convey what is deep within you.
  •         This sharpens and inspires endless creativity. It taps what is deep within you and refines it into a better resource.
  •         It trains you to become a visually skilled communicator. To be an artist you have to have strong communication related to your art technique. For example, if you are a painter, you should communicate strongly through your painting.


  •         There is a lot of criticism that comes with being in the creative industry. Not everybody will understand your creativity, some will misunderstand, while some will want to criticize constructively.
  •         Salary and perks can be quite discouraging at the beginning. Patience is the name of this game. Once you take off, you will never regret it.
  •         Demand too much time investment. You might not have so much of a life outside your work. This can negatively affect your social life especially if you are a family person.

Final Thoughts

A masters’ in Fine Arts is such a lucrative career. However, it follows the legendary quote: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  You have to be patient at the beginning to reap the sweet fruits that come later in your career path. Be willing to start from the bottom to get to the top. Make your portfolio sterling and outstanding that potential clients or employers will not overlook.

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