10 Mixed Media Artists to Follow Today

There are so many reasons you should love social media. Especially if you are an arts student or an upcoming artist looking for inspiration and fresh ideas. You could be creative, you could be a very talented person but sometimes, you might find it very difficult to get inspired.

What do you do when that happens? Shelve away your art pieces and focus on other things?

Definitely not! You need to look at seasoned artists to get your creativity flowing. And what better way can you do that other than stalking them on their social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook? You will be surprised at the million ideas that will come swarming in your head.

But how do you know the best-mixed media artists to follow? Mixed media artists are so many and if we were to list them down, we will never get to the end of it. That is why we have compiled a list of the crème de la crème in the industry to help you narrow your search. Scroll down the page to find out who made it to our list.

1. Jane Davenport

This talented woman has amazing things lined up for mixed art lovers. If you follow her on her social media pages, you will know what I am talking about. She has a masterpiece after a masterpiece uploaded on her news feed. Especially on her Instagram account. It is brimming with bright portraits of women. As it seems, she has a great affinity for beautiful pages. If you are looking for ideas, inspirations, and even information you should grab one of her best books: Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces.

2. Toni Burt

If you take a look at some of her best work, you will be officially hooked! This mixed media artist has a lot under her hat. She is everything any aspiring artist could want to be. A seeker, artist, potter, and teacher. All that to one name. Toni uses her art to express her emotions and feelings. If you are curious about how she goes around her art, she has a YouTube where she talks about everything you need to know.

3. Clare Celeste Borsch

Her work is always brightly colored and vibrant. She specializes in collage and installation. Taking a quick look at some of her pieces, you will be tempted to start as soon as possible. Even if you have never imagined in your wildest dreams that you would ever be an artist. That is because her work is so inspiring and so simple to follow. Besides that, most of her work is low cost. Despite that, they come with a big impact. Her social media accounts have dozens of inspirations to either kick start or jog your memory into creativity.

4. We Make Carpets

I know, right? I was taken aback too when I saw the name, but it is what makes the trio who they are today. These designers have some wonderful and wildest imaginations anyone can ever have. Their special effects carpets are mostly made from found objects. They arrange these objects in intricate patterns to achieve their desired designs. We Make Carpets use the weirdest objects an average mind can imagine. Balloons, forks, pencils, broken bottles among other things.

5. Martha Haversham

This UK-based artist designs her art with simple found objects. No big budget thingy. She is therefore a big inspiration to any beginner on a shoestring budget. She combines all these collected elements to create figures and images. Her work is challenging and requires a lot of imagination. Every collected object is seen as a missing puzzle for a bigger figurine. Imagine collecting pebbles in the streets and imagine how they will eventually piece with other objects for a masterpiece of art.

6. Ivy Newport

What is not to love about this great artist? Ivy is a multi talented artist who helps people to reconnect with creativity. She will help you let go of fear and self-doubt. She is a lot of good things. An artist, teacher, and a creative guide.  Besides that, Ivy is also a self-taught photographer. But one thing about Ivy that catches the eye is her detailed sketches. They mostly have light and free sketched quality to them.

7. Danielle Donaldson

She has a degree in Arts and Sciences so nothing can clip her soaring wings. She is both a mixed media artist and a good writer. She adapts the minimalist style in all her work and gives it a simple touch yet with detail. Ever heard of a whole picture in a few lines? Well, that is Danielle for you. She creatively uses her watercolors to bring her wildest imaginations to life. That is not enough. She also has signature color palettes that create magic for her.

8. Dina Wakley

The name itself sounds artistic, right? She is yet another big name you cannot afford not to follow. Especially if you are a mixed media artist. This down-to-earth artist is not shy to showcase her artistic skills on her social media pages. In fact, she splatters them all over for anyone to see which is unusual for most artists. If you are an upcoming or a student artist, you have a chance to see the actual art come to life. All you need to do is to follow her on social media.

9. David Wightman

He is one of the most talented abstract landscape painters. David is known to play around with textures. He makes good use of acrylics against textured surfaces. This artist knows how to create depths in his paintings. The way he layers and overlaps blocks is sheer creativity. As a matter of fact, most of his paintings have been printed onto fabrics by world-class designers.

10. Jenna Douglass

Her mixed media art is excessively impressive and a breath of fresh air. He uses collage, paintings, masking, and drawing to communicate her art. She also incorporates a variety of lines and textures to give her art a whole new meaning. Her art techniques are simple and adaptable. They are also very inspiring therefore you can always go to her to tap on her creativity.



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