10 Famous Nature Artists to Follow Today

Nature is a great form of inspiration. Especially to artists. Most nature artists always seem to draw their strength and inspiration from nature. But looking at nature with an ordinary eye, we can all agree that it is such an unmatched masterpiece worth copying.

However, one renowned artist begged to dispute that point. According to Paul Cezanne, Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one’s sensation. We couldn’t agree less. As much as some artists seem to copy directly from nature, there are much deeper things attached to that which ordinary people can not understand.

It is such a refreshing and inspiring experience to mount your canvas out in the open and do your art. Painting amid natural beauty can be so inspiring and eye-opening. However, some artists will paint inside but they will still rely on the imaginations of what they captured outside.

There are so many famous nature artists to follow, the list can never end. We have narrowed it down to the best 10 you can follow on your social media to draw inspiration from their mesmerizing works. Scroll down the page to find out more about them.

1.    Claude Monet

In as much as this artist is long gone from this world, his art continues to live on and inspire many. He is best known as the man who was in the front line in the French Impressionist Movement. His affinity to art began at a tender age. He could create caricatures and sell them around. This earned him money to join an art school that shaped up his career as a nature artist. Some of his great works now hang at one of the world’s famous museums in Moscow.

2.    Vincent Van Gogh

This is yet another artist from back in the medieval times whose art continues to reign through our times. Vincent painted in relative obscurity. His paintings have gained more popularity in recent times than they did in his lifetime. Some of this post-impressionist Dutch painter’s art hangs in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. His original work is a pure gold mine and it is only sad that they gained popularity in his last days on earth.

3.    Karen Coull

This impressionist is one of the brightest and most creative in our times. Everybody loves her intricate collage art. A perfect and creative combination of nature and vintage fashion cutouts. She creatively brings back the sixty’s nostalgia to life.  She also creates a sense of fantastical whimsy. Karen carefully composes all the elements of her collage and delivers it as a masterpiece story.

4.    Miranda Lloyd

This prolific artist specializes in modern abstract nature art. Wherever artists are discussed, no list is a good list without her high profiled name in it. She paints a lot from nature. Trees, plants, birds, among other things. In fact, everything in nature is her signature style. According to Miranda, most of her inspirations are drawn from her backyard. She lives in the foothills and she makes the best out of it. Miranda is also drawn to the sea and the surf and she makes her best art from that.

5.    Nivec Palmic

Nivec has a great affinity for plants, flowers, and trees. This Croatian is a graduate of fine arts which has really helped to shape up his career. Besides painting, Nivec teaches fine art in private schools. He also runs art courses and workshops to help aspiring artists in their endeavors. According to Nivec, his fascination is deeply drawn from rhythm created by a variety of forms in nature.

6.    Mika Ninagawa

This multi-talented artist was born in Tokyo Japan and she loves to capture nature as it is. She does this through photography and film. To improve and make her work unique Mika has a signature approach. All her works are bathed in dreamlike vivid colors and not as raw as you would normally see the traditional photos.

7.    Andrew Cooper

He is based in Evansville Indiana where there is quite a lot to inspire an artist. This contemporary artist creates aesthetic nature and flower art. Whatever he produces are pure masterpieces. He is known for vibrant and bright colored work which is a true representation of nature. His wildflower on murals has gone viral and it is building him a good name in the industry. Andrew displays his work in and out of art galleries.

8.    Kaunth

He has worked for both advertising and publishing companies. It seems Kaunth did not feel fulfilled in these industries. He eventually answered the call of nature to create an excellent representation of mother nature. Kaunth eventually became a freelance illustrator and he chose the flea market as his focal point. According to Kaunth, this is where the real hidden gems are found. He has a whole new series inspired by the current pandemic that has ravaged the world dubbed New World.

9.    Winslow Homer

He is the greatest of all time. Though he no longer lives, his great work shines on. He had a great taste for landscape and marine subjects. Unlike many other popular and accomplished artists, Homer was a self-taught artist. He started off as a commercial illustrator and he did fairly well. He later worked with oils and watercolors and painted with them during his vacations. He had such a great love for the sea. This is evident in his Sunlight in the Coast which now hangs in one of the most prominent museums in Toledo.

10.    Sally Browne

Most people love Sally’s artwork. Especially the Sydney-based. According to Sally, her work is inspired by wild nature. These scenes revolve around her inner-city and neighborhood where she is most familiar with and comfortable. She uses both color and line techniques to capture the beautiful flora and fauna. She also has an unusual signature palette. Colors inspire her a lot and she holds them in a very special place in her heart. Sally describes them as an intuitive and spontaneous part of her artistic creation.




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