An Honest and Detailed Pictorem Review

What is Pictorem?

Located in Montreal, [link url=”″]Pictorem[/link] is a team of photography professionals, who are well-known for making many types of art prints. While the company has its primary operations in Canada, they serve clients from all over the world. Their diverse range of art products are used in offices, commercial buildings, schools, museums, and more.

They have an online platform, through which you can find information about all their services and products. Started in 2014, the company has grown over the years and now includes a diverse range of artwork services. They also have a diverse range of materials to produce artwork. The site also has a simple order process, and they accept several payment options.

Features and Benefits

Unique Printing Techniques 

The company uses a proprietary 10 Color Technology technique to produce outstanding image quality. They use original ink, to ensure that you get durable and sleek color results. More so, their versatile inks provide light fade resistance, which is way superior to the conventional photos. They also have a unique blend of cotton enhanced with plastic polymers to ensure high tensile strength and flexibility. The canvas material they use has a 410g/m2 thickness level.

Outstanding Technology

Owning the correct equipment is crucial towards the quality of results a given artwork company can produce. The consumer market has several unique printing products that are ideal for modern-day printing art. Thus, the [link url=”″]Pictorem[/link] brand has the latest inject printers, include the Pigment Ink and Flatbed Printers. These are excellent for printing almost any type of artwork you can find. They even have special image enhancers, which calibrate your images to ensure vibrant and crisp results each time.

Reliable Customer Support

When ordering for a product from an online service, it’s best to go for a platform with a reliable team of customer support. You may need adjustments to your products, or perhaps need to ask questions about a particular service. Thus, this is why the [link url=”″]Pictorem[/link] brand has a team of reliable customer support to help address your specific queries when placing an order. Aside from being reliable and highly professional, they are also passionate and highly trained. This way, you are sure your artwork is in the best hands with each order you place.

Unbeatable Product Offers

Another notable aspect of the Pictorem service is its unmatched range of products. These include canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, molding, picture frames, mural prints, and more. You can even consult with the staff members if you require a custom art order. They are highly experienced and can work on almost any type of artwork projects. Since all art projects tend to be different, the price of your projects will depend upon the estimation process. Thus, you may have to upload the details of your project before receiving any useful feedback.

Just view this video about one of their more intriguing products, the large wall mural prints:

Seamless Online Experience  

Since they offer services throughout the world, they have an excellent platform at [link url=”″]Pictorem[/link]. There, they avail every detail about their services. This way, clients from any corner in the world can order their services. Not only is the website fully detailed, but its also seamless and appealing to look at. All the useful information you would need to place an order is to find. You can even create a user account, through which you will gain access to various other useful image ordering benefits.

Environmental Programs

[link url=”″]Pictorem[/link] is an environment savvy company, which have a unique forest garden approach to ensure sustainability in operations. Since most art products are made using paper, Pictorem takes the initiative of setting aside funds for tree planting. Since its inception, the company has been responsible for planting well over 200,000 trees all over the world. Thus, not only do they make wonderful products using paper material, but they also give back to the environment. That says a lot about the operations at the company.

How to Use Pictorem

Using this picture production platform is straightforward. There are a few key steps you will have to go through when you place orders on the site. They include:

  1. Create a user account on [link url=”″]Pictorem[/link] using legitimate details. They have strict rules about data privacy, so your information will be safe.
  2. Then, share details about your picture project. You can contact the support staff, or upload the content via the upload function on the site.
  3. Once you upload the content, you will wait for feedback for the staff members, usually within a few minutes or hours. The information will include a possible invoice for the services you should expect and the date of project completion
  4. If you approve or have any dispute about the service, you will get back to the support staff. Else, you will approve the invoice and the project. Then wait for a specific duration before you receive the results of your project.

The Good

  • High-quality picture products including murial arts and canvas images
  • Experienced and trained art professionals
  • Shipping services available for all locations in the world
  • Reliable web experience with easy to navigate interface
  • Excellent product packaging offers
  • Useful tools such as DPI calculator and the image enhancer
  • Simple order process and good company reputation

The Bad 

  • They could provide better discounts and product offers
  • The customer support takes a few minutes to respond


You can use the internet to place orders for many types of services, and it’s highly convenient. Pictorem is among these best online service providers. They are an Art service located in Canada, and they are famous worldwide for their unique products. If you want high-quality products and solutions for your art needs, Pictorem is an excellent suggestion. The company has highly trained professionals and reasonable service packages you can find.

They also have a reliable team of support staff, and useful tools on their website to make the order process simple. Yes, Pictorem lets you place custom orders, and will accept various types of payment options. So, the next time you need a canvas print, unique painting, or anything similar, Pictorem is a great try.